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Aesthetic body feeling

  • Connective tissue tightening

  • Improvement of skin elasticity

  • Wrinkle smoothing

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Treatment of stretch marks

  • Treatment of irregularities according to liposuctions

How does Flashwave® work in aesthetic medicine?


Flashwave® technology is highly effective across the board of a wide range of medical applications, utilizing Biocellular Transductive Wave Therapy. As such Flashwave® is a new and innovative treatment option in aesthetic medicine, as well as in dermatology, where it’s a technological breakthrough in treatment of many wound-related problems.

For treatment of skin indications Flashwave® focuses on tissue engineering, accomplished through cellular communication and activation.


The ability to communicate with different cells allows for treatment and management of vastly different skin-related medical indications.

  • Anti-cellulite treatment

  • Wrinkle smoothing

  • Skin elasticity improvement

  • Connective tissue tightening

  • Treatment of pregnancy stretch marks

  • Treatment of post-liposuction irregularities

  • Skin rejuvenation

The Flashwave® therapy promises the patient a painless treatment that does not require surgery or additional medication.

Already after the third treatment the Flashwave® therapy shows significant results and clearly visible improvements.

Firm skin instead of cellulite

By increasing cell activity, the edema of fatty tissue is reduced. This tissue edema is one of the first signs of cellulite. Reducing the oedema increases the permeability of the tissue - so liquids and toxins found in the fat cells can not only be released, but also drained through the lymphatic system. By reducing toxins, the collagen fibres are less damaged, which means the skin becomes firmer and less degenerated.

Flashwave® can be used against cellulite on hips, thighs and buttocks.

Wrinkle smoothing

and skin rejuvenation

For a firm, youthful complexion, many women and men accept painful operations and/or drug treatments. While medication often causes severe side effects, surgical interventions can result in injury to nerve tracts, blood vessels or lymphatic structures. In addition, there are longer recovery phases in which the patients are often restricted.


In contrast, Flashwave® therapy offers effective wrinkle smoothing and skin rejuvenation without side effects, surgery or downtime.


Flashwave® uses special acoustic waves to animate stem cell communication in your body and specifically activates the production of collagen, making your skin surface firmer and smoother. This natural lifting effect rejuvenates your skin's appearance noticeably and visibly.

Treatment of stretch marks

During pregnancy, the female body performs a true miracle that leaves its mark. The unpleasant traces usually appear in the form of conspicuous stretch marks on the stomach and thighs and affect the light-heartedness of many mothers. The light-coloured stretch marks are cracks in the subcutis which, in addition to pregnancy, can also be the result of strong weight fluctuations or growth spurts.

The special waves of Flashwave® therapy are used to remove the stretch marks. By activating the body's own stem cells, new skin cells are produced which result in the skin surface being tightened and the stretch marks becoming less visible. With the power of lightning, the acoustic waves penetrate beneath the skin surface and promote remarkable and rapid results.

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